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Greetings to all and about this site.

Hello my name is David Darby and I am the owner and creator of the content on this site. The purpose of this site is to educate people who are concerned about abrupt climate change. I will be discussing the history of this idea of climate change from today going back to 250 years of climate history of the earth and comparing those thoughts and ideas to the much larger picture of earth going back into earths history, 500 million years to show what has happened vrs.todays world. Todays world is political and about money and although true, temperature is rising, I'm asking the question?, Is it really about humans and did we as curators, cause the heating of the earth and is it really our fault?
The real World Climate
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This is a paid site and it is very reasonable. Its monthly cost is $10 per month and paid in advance on a yearly basis of a total of $120. Information will be available on this site and subscribers will get weekly updates about topics regarding the world climate going back 500 million years and I will be personally investigating and researching thoroughly the facts and will travel the world to verify sources and sites for accuracy so the facts is what I'm all about no theory or speculation. You want speculation, bet on the stock market.
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