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Welcome to  Gratuite Lavie where GLTraders are Created
A desire to be economically free to live out your life as you choose, 2-10 hours a week to run and operate your business, an internet connection and laptop or desktop and the know how and understanding of how the GL Trade system works. 1-3 months estimated training.
Benefits of a Gratuite Lavie Trader NEXT PAGE
The number one fundamental benefit is owning a business which you own and operate on your own time.
There is no requirement for a brick and mortar establishment, you can run this business out from anywhere. Home or on the Go.
Low cost to operate the business from anywhere
Short periods of time for Cash holdings 3 days to 3 weeks most cases 10 days
Generates daily, weekly and monthly regular income
Paid on referrals to Gratuite Lavie upon fully paid program by referral
Easy to operate the business after short period of learning period 1-3 months
The price of this business is equivilent to a low cost franchise business between $50,000 cash or $65,000 for financed with 25% down payment.
Multi levels of income coming soon
Flexible business meaning able to adapt faily easily to changing economic conditions and more to come