Okay so I know this may sound complicated but so are many things which you havnt learned so keep listening.

We sold 100 shares of XYZ at a loss of $1 and collected $.75c and are only down by $.25c or $25 total at this point in the example. The dividend of being paid out in a couple of weeks in the future is $ .75c per share or $75 for those 100 shares that you owned a few week back. Let do a bit of adding or subtracting again. We are down  
$25 on 100 shares or $ .25c per share adding in the $ .75c per share gives a final total of $ .50c per share or final total of $50 on a trade which was only held for 2 weeks or 14 days and was insured by the sale of a long call option contract which we bought back to close the position for a profit.

Imagine doing this 20 - 30 times a month with just a few hours a week to scan for opportunities and open these type of trades and close them out in a short period of time. Let's see $50 x 20 trades a month is $1000 profit for very little time and effort using just a laptop and the internet as your tools of the trade and knowledge which I will show and educate you with. There are many other things which must be known and avoided but it works and is, in my opinion a great bread and butter business.

Lets say you decide to share this with a friend and you have potential of even more income every month from teaching this to your organization. 
IADC trading system conclusion
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