So there are two methods of creating an income with Gratuite Lavie. 1. Capturing dividends and 2. Sharing this business methodology with others and getting them involved with there own trading business.

Here is an example of dividend capturing using options as an insurance policy against a loss.

One buys 100 shares of XYZ stock for $100 per share, before the X-date and at the same time sell 1 call contract of XYZ for $1.50, with an expiration after the X-date of XYZ stock with that contract being ITM by a certain percentage.  The dividend being paid out sometime after the X-date, usually within 30-45 days, it varies. This trade is opened lets say April 1st usually 7-28 days prior to the X-date, and X-date is April 14th, this trade will collect what is called theta decay or time value for each passing day. Since a call option was sold its controlled by the other side of that trade, but it cost them money each and every day that passes. The dividend being paid out by XYZ is .75c per share owned prior to X-date.

14 Days later its X-day or later, April 14th or later, you can now close this trade by selling the 100 shares of XYZ for lets say $99 and you take a loss on this trade of $1. Bummer! Not really. Your going to buy back that sold options contract in this example for .75c and you profit on that round trip option contract is .75c x 100 shares or $75.
Insured Accelerated Dividend Capture system - IADC The Gratuite Lavie Marketing Company
Okay so I know this may sound complicated but so are many things so keep listening.

We sold 100 shares of XYZ at a loss of $1 and collected $.75c and are only down by $.25c or $25 total at this point in the example. The dividend of being paid out in a couple of weeks in the future is $ .75c per share or $75 for those 100 shares that you owned a few week back. Let do a bit of adding or subtracting again. We are down  
$25 on 100 shares or $ .25c per share adding in the $ .75c per share gives a final total of $ .50c per share or final total of $50 on a trade which was only held for 2 weeks or 14 days and was insured by the sale of a long call option contract which we bought back to close the position for a profit.

Imagine doing this 20 - 30 times a month with just a few hours a week to scan for opportunities and open these type of trades and close them out in a short period of time. Let's see $50 x 20 trades a month is $1000 profit for very little time and effort using just a laptop and the internet as your tools of the trade and knowledge which I will show and educate you with. There are many other things which must be known and avoided but it works and is, in my opinion a great bread and butter business.

Lets say you decide to share this with a friend and you have potential of even more income every month from teaching this to your organization. 
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