David Darby

 David has a specialized knowledge on how to structure an alternative way of home purchases using a specific type of entity structure. Its private. Its secure, and it requires no new loans to transact a home purchase. I monitor the markets so I can use it for protection of the sellers home equity in the case of a short or long term down market in real estate. We are ready to start showing home owners how to continue to use their initial investment in time and money in their home and to continue to use that home investment as a future source of income, all the while showing renters how to capture Property Tax & Mortgage Interest for personal income tax deductions as well as home ownership 


 We will pay at C.O.E. 1/2% for a referral for a home,condo,townhouse etc which we contract and have rented out. We will also pay 5% for 1st RB,10% for 2nd RB, 15% for the 3rd RB and all subsequent Resident Beneficiary(s) referred who have paid their cost for Beneficial Interest and signed a 36 month long Triple Net lease on the property and is a member of the Trust who has a Beneficial Interest. If agreed value is $1,000,000 then at Close Of Escrow and with all Resident Beneficiary's (RB) moved in and renting the home then the pay out is $5,000 for this example and the 1st RB pays the Beneficial Interest of $29,995 a referral fee of 5% is earned and the 2nd RB pays there portion, then 10% of that BI is paid at COE and so on per RB. All referral payments must be agreed upon PRIOR TO, and be in a written contract with Gratuite Lavie Estates and/or David Darby the Owner of the business. Contact Us for Consideration. 

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This is the future of home ownership. We partner with sellers and buyers, providing an income source from the home and sellers held equity, taking over the responsibilities of the current loans, property taxes, repairs and maintenance for the sellers. 

For buyers and renters we offer these homes as a place to call home, which comes with home ownership benefits such as Pride of Ownership as a traditional owner would enjoy, mortgage and property tax deductions based on the beneficial interest of each resident beneficiary, including principal reduction benefits for all participants and property appreciation with cash from the sale at the termination of the Trust if applicable.