Our Team and Business

David Darby

David has a specialized knowledge on how to structure an alternative way of home purchases using a specific type of entity structure. Its private. Its secure, and it requires no new loans to transact a home purchase. I monitor the markets so I can use it for protection of the sellers home equity in the case of a short or long term down market in real estate. We are ready to start showing home owners how to continue to use their initial investment in time and money in their home and to continue to use that home investment as a future source of income, all the while showing renters how to capture Property Tax & Mortgage Interest for personal income tax deductions as well as home ownership.

Generating Excitement In Real Estate for Our Sellers/Investor's and Renter/Owner's

Can you imagine living in a million dollar home with a pool and jacuzzi. A bbq by the pool kinda night while enjoying the resort style typlife in your own home, for the investment of normal every month rent? Our spaces come with Mortgage Interest & Property Tax deductions, and Home Appreciation and more...