Career GLE Referral Pay Outs

Referral Business 1% + 10%, 15%, 20% & 25% graduating pay scale

We will pay at C.O.E. 1% for a referral for a home,condo,townhouse etc which we contract and have rented out. We will also pay 10% for 1st RB,15% for 2nd RB, 20% for the 3rd RB and 25% as limit for 4th and all subsequent Resident Beneficiary(s) referred who have paid their cost for Beneficial Interest and signed a 36 month long Triple Net lease on the property and is a member of the Trust who has a Beneficial Interest. If mutually agreed value "MAV" is $1,000,000 then at Close Of Escrow and with all Resident Beneficiary's (RB) moved in and renting the home then the pay out is $10,000 for this example then the 1st RB pays the  Beneficial Interest of $29,995 a referral fee of 10% is earned and the 2nd RB pays there portion, then 15% of that BI is paid at COE and so on up to a total of 25% per RB.  In this example referral pay out would be $17,495. All referral payments must be agreed upon PRIOR TO, and be in a written contract with Gratuite Lavie Estates and/or David Darby the Owner of the business. Contact Us for Consideration.