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Example: The Master Bedroom comes with 24% Beneficial Interest in the Trust and is different than the Bedroom percentage choses in this 4400 SQ FT Home example, The Master Bedroom in some homes can be 450 or more per sq ft, Imagine having your own Pool , Jacuzzi, Sauna, Bbq, Table Hockey & Pool Table, 35 Point Massage Chair in your own home, sharing the same living space with others who also have a beneficial interest in the home that your all share.  Rent could be $3500 with $29,995 for the purchase of beneficial interest.   Cost per room/home Sq Ft Totals ($.78c per square foot/bedroom space)

Buy a Beneficial Interest click below:

Bedrooms 1 Total Purchase $32,355 / $2360 estimated monthly Example Only


EXAMPLE: 22 % Beneficial Interest :  includes  190 square foot room located on the 2nd floor. Great schools Nice people private Exclusive 3650 square feet of living area in total minus the bedroom total space of 980 square feet makes this bedroom with beneficiary interest cost monthly of  (.65c per square foot)

Example 2

Bedrooms 3 & 4 as a set Total Purchase $32,445 / $2450 estimated monthly Example Only


EXAMPLE: 18.2% Beneficial Interest : Your family Swimming and having a great time here! Recently renovated. Enjoy the Property Tax deductions includes 2  rooms  of 110 & 130 square foot rooms located next to each other on the 2nd floor with home square footage of 3790.     (.62c per square foot) 

Example 3

A Brief for the Seller/homeowner

A Brief for Option & Purchase of Beneficial Interest in Trust


                                                   The Invitation 

Greetings Homeowner(s)/Seller(s) and Home Buyer(s)/Renter(s), 

My name is David Darby, of Gratuite Lavie Estates(GLE). 

As a homeowner you are being invited to participate as a partner in a business arrangement, which will provide you with an income from your property for your held equity for up to 20 year term, and  equity buildup in the coming years. Two valuable assets, the physical home and the loans on the home are what I'm focused on.  If you agree with the business model, then you can become a partner continuing to hold a 10% interest in the home. Our plan has a schedule for up to 20 years, using your home and loans as the focal point of the proposed business arrangement. 

We request for the seller to leave the current loans and insurances in place. This will keep costs to a minimum. We offer 4% interest only or amortization for the owners held equity. The note for the held equity can be sold as a whole or as a portion of the note in the future, depending on the owners needs. This means you will get a monthly income from the property and continue to participate in the equity buildup of the property over time of this arrangement. 

GLE PLAN: The owner of the home will transfer the legal and equitable title of the subject property into a land trust. By doing so immediately provides privacy and protection from the public.  At the start of the Trust,  there are two Beneficiaries of the Trust, myself with a 90% beneficial interest, and yourself the seller, retaining 10% as settlor beneficiary. Then Gratuite Lavie Estates will locate individuals(Resident Beneficiaries) who desire and have the means to rent space, the (room(s) of the home for higher than market rents in exchange for similar rights and privileges as a traditional owner of a home, such as Mortgage Interest and Property Tax deductions, equity appreciation, and pride of ownership. 70% of the Beneficial Interest will be split among the Resident Beneficiaries.

By Partitioning the room(s) as individual ownership(s) of the whole and then assigning a beneficial interest to the home, allows for the higher rents. 

Example: A person buys the beneficial interest in a home and gets the exclusive rights to inhabit a particular room(s), such as the Master Bedroom with a 21% beneficial interest and enjoys all of the benefits of living, entertainment, and enjoyment of the quiet space(s) of the home, therefore pride of ownership.  The new Resident Beneficiary(s) will rent long term from the Trust, for a period of up to 20 years. At the end of the term the Resident Beneficiaries can either buy the home and pay off all debts or walk away with their equity or the entire project can be continued for a new term.

There are 2 Agreements, the Option and Purchase Agreements. The Option Agreement gives 90 days for Gratuite Lavie Estates to locate the (tenants/resident beneficiaries) of the proposed business arrangement. The Purchase Agreement details the Purchase of Beneficial Interest in the Trust which is to be created.

To start the process, the legal owner must sign an Option Agreement and Purchase Agreement, both are on our site for review, and Gratuite Lavie Estates will either in person, mail or email the Option & Purchase Agreements for your signature after your due diligence in joining us as partners. Visitors to the website need to create an account to access the HOW IT WORKS page of the site due to the nature of the information. We also want to know who has an interest in doing business with our GLE’s business model.  

The “Option Fee” is considered to be our this Business Plan, the “Valuable Intellectual Property” of David Darby and Gratuite Lavie Estates. This is privileged and private information and is only to be shared with the principals and their agents for purposes of this transaction only.

I understand you will have questions so please feel free to call or email us. 

David Darby, Gratuite Lavie Estates

10343 Azuaga Street

San Diego CA 92129




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1952 Breen vrs Breen illinois court case link

Breen Illinois court case 1952


The Land Trust a Fictional Best Seller PDG FILE A 47 PAGE READ

The Illinois Land Trust_ A Fictional Best Sell (pdf)


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