Unique Homes, Leasing with Ownership Interest!


Experience Leasing with Ownership Rights in the Home!

 Imagine a Master Bedroom with open and freedom to move about and two large walk-in closets and balcony overlooking the green backyard area which has a beautiful blue pool with an attached spa, fire pit and a BBQ. ll over looking forever rolling hills until they meet the blue ocean of the Pacific. 

  Imagine having your own Pool , Jacuzzi, Sauna, a built in Barbecue under canopy with its own kitchenette,  Pool Table, and a 35 Point Massage Chair topping it all off, all sharing this living space with similar like minded people who have their own  assigned room or set of rooms as their own living space and all sharing the common areas of the home with beneficial interest in the same Trust.  Your wondering what is this going to cost me for this Master Bedroom space and a bit of the beneficial interest for this space. 

There is NO qualifying for a new bank loan, the buyer is solely qualified by the property owner saving time and money. Since there is no new loan there is no down payment, zero, only an affordable purchase of the beneficial interest in the Trust. There are no closing cost regarding a new loan, just cost pertaining to being added to the Trust as a beneficiary. As a resident beneficiary you are able to take your percentage of the mortgage interest deductions as well as your percentage of the property taxes paid. 

You also get the benefit of appreciation of the property if applicable as per your beneficial interest percentage when the trust is terminated. As a participant in the Trust, the property is protected from creditor judgments, tax liens, lawsuits, bankruptcy, probate, and legal claims of marital disputes by an ex-spouse of either party (resident or non resident beneficiary). The ability to enjoy your ideas of what Pride of Ownership means to you. No need to save for years just for a down payment, to then go through the trials of bank qualifying. This is California Resort Style Living. Welcome to your new Home!


A Bedrooms Rent is $2360 monthly Example Only

EXAMPLE: 22 % Beneficial Interest :  includes  190 square foot room located on the 2nd floor. Great schools Nice people private Exclusive 3650 square feet of living area in total minus the bedroom total space of 980 square feet makes this bedroom with beneficiary interest in the home and sharing the common areas of the home and back yard pool.



Set of Bedrooms $2450 a month Example Only

EXAMPLE: 18.2% Beneficial Interest : Your family Swimming and having a great time here! Recently renovated. Enjoy the Property Tax deductions includes 2  rooms  of 110 & 130 square foot rooms located next to each other on the 2nd floor with home square footage of 3790 sharing the common areas of the house such as this Theater room.